About Us

About the brand

Pachamama is Mother Earth. Pachamama has looked after us and now we need to look after her....

Here at Pachamama Remedies we are all about nurturing our wellbeing. We are passionate about treading lightly & create remedies to ensure your products heal, add love & bring joy to your life.

We believe that working in synergy with Pachamama, Mother Earth, is best, so we only use sustainable, natural, synthetic-free ingredients, organic where possible and our products are all freshly made on Gundungurra Country, Southern Highlands of Australia

Sustainably Sourced

We work with communities, either directly or through partnerships, to sustainably source unique natural ingredients for our products.  From these ingredients we create high quality products that not only smell incredible—they also create economic opportunities for the communities from which we source.

Our Products

Our products are created with clean and sustainable ingredients, free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, and formaldehydes.  Our products are also 100% cruelty free!  We are committed to responsible sourcing of natural ingredients. For further information & transparency about sustainable sourcing, please visit the blog listing sustainable ingredients and where they come from.

Her Story

Founder Kiwi/Aussie Tahi has worked all her life in the world of Wellbeing, starting her first practice in the early 90's before moving on to work with other pioneers such as Horst Rechelbacher's original Aveda, Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat & other industry giants.

Skilled in many therapies & receiving several qualifications including Ad.Dips in Health Science, Organic Formulations, Aromatherapy, Remedial Massage, Beauty Therapy, studied ancient applications in Distillation, Ayurveda, T.C.M., Herbalism, Meditation to name a few & has committed her life to continuous study to gain knowledge of the limitless world of our Wellbeing.

"Education is where I feel alive, learning for myself & sharing that knowledge is where I see my place in the world. I think that is why Pachamama Remedies blossomed, it has supported my own thirst for knowledge whilst sharing the gentle power of nature & its elements with others".