Cleansing Rituals

In aromatherapy, we utilise botanicals to stimulate or sedate the senses. When the sense of smell is heightened it can draw in our focus, synchronise all of our senses, and quiet the chatter of the mind, bringing us into the moment.

The sense of smell surreptitiously navigates the conscious mind, accessing the deepest parts of our emotional and biological being. Across cultures, botanicals have a significant place in religious rituals and ceremonies for this exact reason.

Whether it is an incense censer being swung through the aisles of Catholic churches or sage bundles raised to the four directions, the function of burning aromatics goes beyond just the aesthetic. For, as the smoke rises, it fills sacred spaces with its grounding, earthly aromas, & the smoke carries our thoughts and prayers along with it. With our thinking minds suspended, our emotional bodies activate, and we are opened to deeper truths. 


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