Alpine Forest Bath Salts

  • $35.00

The Alpine Forest Magnesium Bath includes wild foraged Pine Needles, blended with organic Juniper Berries, Bush Lemon Peel, Tasmanian Lavender & essential oils of Black Spruce, Australian Blue Cypress & White Cypress & Lemon, in a mineral rich Magnesium Flakes & Epsom salt base.  Added with a touch of extra virgin olive oil, this breath taking blend is packaged in a compostable liner within a reusable muslin bag. Cleanse yourself with this grounding, aromatic bath. 


Both pine needles and juniper berries are warming with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial actions.

Magnesium Flakes & Epsom salts remineralise the body &soothe sore muscles.


Epsom Salt; Magnesium Flakes; Juniper Berries; Pine Needles; Bush Lemon Peel; Organic Cold pressed Virgin Olive Oil Essential Oils of Black Spruce, White Cypress, Blue Cypress, Lemon. 

Care Instructions:

Store in a cool, dry place. Always check with a medical practitioner.

We work in synergy with Mother Nature. Our packaging is all reusable & recyclable. Our ingredients are ethically harvested, sustainable & organic where possible. Our products are made freshly on Gundungurra Country, Southern Highlands of Australia.